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Marth of Akaneia
01 January 2020 @ 02:00 am
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Marth of Akaneia
[Marth is in the greenhouse. He's not tending to the flowers, mind you, but it would seem he is planting some. Bellflowers. He's picked an awful lot to leave at Midna's door. She'll come home and drown in them. Or maybe they'll all be dead. It's rather hard to say. All the say, he's planting bellflowers.

His tunic, a natural tan colour is worn loosely. The Falchion lies aside along with his cape. The only piece he doesn't seem to be missing is his tiara. The video feed is propped up to get a better look at him. He is studious and thoughtful.

It is like an illness, I sometimes think. This... plethora of sentiments. I have not forgotten a single day. I have not forgotten a single moment. And I did know the very last time crossed paths occurred where I stood. I wonder, have I fallen out of favor? And if I have, how shall I get back into it?

I feel as though that time is coming shortly. How much longer must I restrain it? For it grows like an animal, as though it could run and wreck havoc. Surely my leash on it will soon break. But perhaps if I were to expose it too soon...? How does one determine when the right time is?

[He pauses. As though in some form of guilt or regret. Then he continues as the flicker of expression passes and he resumes his contemplation.]

I ask of you, dearest Final Destination inhabitants, how shall a canary be caught? Not captured, not caged, but rather that the eyes be taken with a single glance, so that the necessary words be bestowed? Or perhaps it is not words I ought to be using. What say you?

[Another pause. He sits back to admire his handiwork. Then his chin tips up to eye the ceiling of the greenhouse.]

She has not yet returned. I miss her. I hope she is well. I have want to write to her, but perhaps she cares not to see or hear from me. And perhaps I am but a fool.
Marth of Akaneia
[Midna, you're not here, but every single day until you get back, Marth is leaving flowers outside of your room. What kind? Why. Bellflowers, of course.]

From stoning birds to beaches and curses, it simply never ends. We have lost a number of good people, but even in times of loss, we must remain vigilant. If we are to have hope for the future, we cannot give in so easily to our sorrows.

If it will ease the aches of others, consider that these are never 'good bye's, but rather 'until we meet again's.

With that being said, I would like to extend my hand in the arm of assistance to those new to the academy and its wonders. Although it may seem a tad daunting with your arrival, the people are, for the most part, friendly, its citizens are lively and unique, and it seems there is never quite a dull moment. Quiet ones, perhaps, but only as dull as you make it out to be.

I should like to think that my own life, my own days, and my own routines are much more than simply drab times. I could not have gotten to where I am today without everyone here, after all. What a wonder is time and what a wonder are the people with whom we share it.
Marth of Akaneia
I do not believe I have been here long enough to celebrate the end of the year.

Instead I will offer my fondest wishes.

NarrationCollapse )
Marth of Akaneia
I did mention this in passing to Daisy, but I would like to share it with the others of the academy, the town, and its university and other educational establishments.

In an effort to better get acquainted with the inhabitants and to catch up with allies of old, I will be putting together a tea social. Not in the coming week, mind you. I am aware many of us are currently busy. But sometime in the near future.

Does this mean by attending that you are required to have tea? Not at all! It will, however, be there if you so choose to have some.

If you would be interested in this, please let me know. I may not do it if others would find it a hassle or something of the sort. I would still like to do it, though.

Midna, Knuckles, Zelda, Peach, and every other lady in SBG I believe I have some catching up to do with all of you as well. Among other things. It is difficult to get anywhere on the path when the lady to take with is not often around.

I was so certain I had something else to say, but I cannot readily recall whatever that may be.

Oh, right! Calling to the attention one Mac. I believe you and I have something to discuss.
Marth of Akaneia
By the Heavens glorious...

I never imagined that upon my return... That... This would occur.

I had only the intentions to reacquaint myself with the grounds. I seem to have acquired a parasite-like attachment in the form of a feathered friend. It has spent a good deal of time attempting to prod its beak around my gauntlets.

Is this some form of punishment given to those who have been absent for an extended period of time? I am relatively certain I heard of others having the same issue.

How do you all suppose we handle this situation? I believe soup is out of the question.